Medical Volunteers - Urgently Needed!

Hospitalito Atitlán considers medical volunteers as integral members of the healthcare team and rely on them for their energy, enthusiasm and skills. Our physicians, nurses, administrators and technicians - as well as our volunteers - greatly benefit from the professional and cultural interaction between Guatemalan and medical colleagues from around the world.

We also welcome the families of our medical volunteers and embrace them as members of the Santiago Atitlán community.

Volunteers at Hospitalito Atitlán practice medicine in a setting that challenges and enriches their professional lives. They work independently, without supervision, and are part of the on-call schedule serving, at times, as primary physician in charge. If you are a recent graduate with limited experience, check out Medical Students/Recent Graduates volunteer opportunities.

Whether treating diabetes, stitching a machete injury, or bringing a new baby into the world, medical volunteers feel strong links both to the past and to the future, and, a deep sense of personal and professional satisfaction. The Hospitalito changes lives - not only of its patients, but also of its volunteers.

What is the application process?

Please read the FAQ, before you apply, for answers to many of your questions. It includes information on stipend and financial assistance for long-term medical volunteers. If you have additional questions, contact us: Febe Sosof.

The application process is two steps. 1. Every volunteer must fill out an application for review by HA administration for every work assignment at Hospitalito Atitlán. 2. Send all documents (listed below) by email at the same time you fill out the online application form.

English Application

Aplicación Español

Clinicians cannot work in the hospital unless they have been formally accepted and had their work dates confirmed in writing.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Guatemala now requires that all volunteers receive either a short-term work permit or a Guatemalan medical license (good for two years).

To be accepted, you will have to provide various documents for review by the Colegio Médico two months prior to arrival and before you will be included in the work schedule:

  • A CV
  • Copies of your:
  • Medical license
  • Diploma
  • Passport (all pages including BLANKS)
  • A letter requesting permission to volunteer addressed to Dr. Juan Manuel Chuc, HA's Director including dates.

Please send all files on the same day, to facilitate the process and avoid confusion with other applicants.

In addition to working in the hospital, you may be doing community outreach and traveling to rural areas, Cerro de Oro and Chacaya, where the need is great. You will travel with a team of doctors and nurses that speak the Maya language. The group will take lab tests, medical supplies and medicine.

You can help to provide free care to the very poor by sending a letter to friends, co-workers and family members. This letter is a request for donations that will go a long way to provide needed medical care. The donor will receive a tax receipt for their gift, and will help Hospitalito Atitlán to make community outreach a success.

Once you have been accepted as a volunteer, the medical volunteer coordinator will send a copy of the email we hope you will share with the people you know who might help to make your experience in Santiago Atitlán as rewarding as possible.

NOTE: Surgical Teams - A letter addressed to Dr. Chuc Director of Hospitalito Atitlán, requesting permission to volunteer, should contain the names of all team members that are physicians and nurses with medical licenses. Translators, PA & NP's should not be included in the letter.

Physicians and nurses must include copies of:

  • Diploma
  • Specialty Diploma
  • License

Each copy of the documents you send will need to be notarized. For example, for a surgeon or specialist, you will need to send three notarized documents.

Each document must have a notary seal. For a nurse, who doesn't have a specialty, you would have 2 notarized pages only, the diploma and license.

Additionally, the notary will need to include a letter stating that the attached documents have been notarized by (notary name), include the date and notary commission number.

For help with fundraising for your upcoming jornada to Hospitalito Atitlán, please follow instructions on this document (pdf).

Matt Strecker

"I've volunteered at a lot of places and the Hospitalito is my favorite. There is a true need for volunteers here, and the resources are available so that we can provide high-quality care."
Matt Strecker, M.D.FACEP


"I have volunteered as a pediatrician in Santiago Atitlán four times; each time, I have marveled at the dedication of the Hospitalito staff and the resilience of the community that they serve, both of whom have transcended time and again misfortunes both natural and political. If you have been here before, you know the magic of this place; if you have not, I urge you to discover the Hospitalito and Santiago Atitlán: it will change your life."
Rob Meyer, MD

Rebecca Bogdan

"I met some wonderful people, had some wonderful experiences and left with a full and happy heart. True to what I blurted out the day I left, I want to find my way back to Santiago and Hospitalito Atitlan as soon as I can."
Rebecca Bogdan, RN

Submit the application and all documents to the Medical Volunteer Coordinator