Water Filters

Water Filtration Pilot Project: Cerro de Oro

Cerro de Oro is a small, rural village of 7,500 people, five miles from Santiago Atitlán, but under SA’s municipal jurisdiction. The Hospitalito provides medical outreach each week in our clinic.

The number one health problem among residents is gastrointestinal disease caused by their limited access to clean filtered water. Filters are available in Guatemala but many require annual cartridge changes, which are cost prohibitive for most local families.

The Hospitalito has initiated a pilot project using BioSand filters (BSF) to help Cerro de Oro families who currently suffer the health consequences of poor quality drinking water.

The Filters

BioSand filters are adapted from traditional slow sand filters. They remove heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and protozoa. BSF technology is effective, easy to use and does not have recurring costs, which is why it is considered the best choice for addressing health issues in developing countries. Over 600,000 filters are in use worldwide.

The Project

The pilot project will install 50 filters with the ultimate goal of providing a filter for every household in Cerro de Oro. An educator who speaks the local Maya dialect, Tz’utujil, will help with the BSF installation and make follow-up visits to ensure proper use of the filter and its bucket (to avoid cross contamination).

Health promoters have received BSF training and will recommend them to local families. Each filter has a lifespan of more than 20 years. The only charge will be the initial $12 equipment cost for families who can afford it.

Help Us Underwrite this Important Pilot Project

The individual cost to install each filter installation is $75.

We are looking for individual sponsors and Rotary Clubs to help underwrite the project and supply clean water for a family in Cerro de Oro. When making a donation, please answer – water filters under, ‘How did you hear about us?’

Your support will help improve the health and lives of Cerro de Oro residents.