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How do I get to Santiago Atitlan?

There are various options, listed in with the quickest, most comfortable and costly first. Private van — We can arrange a private van to pick you up at your hotel or at the airport. If you arrive on an evening flight, we recommend that you spend the night in Guatemala City, as the travel time to Santiago Atitlan is 3.5 hours. With a private van, the driver can take you shopping (cheese, wine, things you cannot find in SA) and make any stops you want along the way. Cost: Q800 or about $107. To schedule a private van pickup, please email volunteer coordinator Febe Sosof prior to your departure with all flight arrival information, so that your flight can be monitored. We cannot arrange airport pickups without your airline and flight information. If there are any flight delays, please email Febe with updates. The driver will be waiting for you as you exit the airport. If you cannot find one another, go to the information center and contact the driver (5346-5911) or the volunteer coordinator (4045-5776). Please carry these numbers with you on your flight. Tourist shuttles  — Shuttles run by Atitrans can pick you up at your hotel or airport. (A […]

How do I change money?

The airport has an exchange kiosk, although the exchange rate is not good. There is a yellow 5B ATM machine downstairs, on the left. Good hotels in Zone 10 have reliable ATM machines, as does the new Walmart in Guatemala City. There are two reliable ATM machines in Santiago Atitlan and three banks. Traveler’s checks can be changed in the local banks. Dollars and Euros are more difficult to change.

My flight arrives at night. Where should I stay in Guatemala City?

We recommend that you stay near the airport or nearby zones 9 or 10, where there are small, simple airport hotels that cost $15 – $30 per night. The luxury hotels in Zone 10 provide shuttle service to and from the airport and have drivers at the airport exit with signs. These links provide information about travel and hotels: General travel information for Guatemala City www.wikitravel.org/en/Guatemala_City Hotels near the airport (over $50) www.channels.nl/airports/airports_gua.html List of hotels/hostels near the airport, many of which include airport pickup and drop-off service: Dos Lunas Guest House (www.hoteldoslunas.com/) 21 Calle 10-92, Zona 13 – Aurora II info@hoteldoslunas.com or hoteldoslunas@gmail.com Tel: (502) 2261-4248 or (502) 2261-4337 Hostal Los Volcanes (www.hostellosvolcanes.com/) 16 street 8-00 Zone 13 Aurora 1 info@hostellosvolcanes.com Tel: (502) 2261-3040, (502) 5853-7016 or (502) 2261-3584 Hostal Aurora II 20 Calle “A” 9-58, Z.13, Aurora II hostalaurora2@hotmail.com Tel: (502)2261-4505 or (502)5201-1493 Hotel Bed & Breakfast “Mi Casa” (www.hotelmicasa.com/) 5 Avenida “A” 13-51 Zona 9. info@hotelmicasa.com Tel: (502) 2339-2247