Application Process

For more information on surgical jornadas, please visit our Surgical Team page.

For all other medical volunteers, see below.

Please read the FAQ page before you apply, which should answer many of your questions. It has three sections: before you apply, after you’re accepted and what to expect, including information on stipends and financial assistance for long-term medical volunteers. Contact our medical volunteer coordinator, Lidia, for any additional answers.

The process has two steps:

  • Every candidate must fill out an application for review by the Hospitalito for every work assignment.
    English Application
    Aplicación Español
  • The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Guatemala requires that all volunteers receive either a short-term work permit or a Guatemalan medical license (good for two years). These required documents must be reviewed by the Colegio Médico three months prior to the volunteer’s arrival and inclusion in the work schedule. Reminder: Please send the application and email Lidia the following files on the same day. If all the documents are not received, the application cannot be processed.
    • Copies of your:
      • Diploma*
      • Specialty Diploma*
      • Medical license* (should not expire before your volunteer dates)
      • Residents must include a letter from their university supervisor.

*These documents must be notarized. The packet must also include a document identifying the notary as a public officer constituted by law.

Clinicians cannot work in the hospital unless they have been formally accepted and had their work dates confirmed in writing.