Volunteer At Hospitalito Atitlán

Volunteer at Hospitalito Atitlán for a Life-Changing Experience

Medical & Nonmedical Opportunities Available

Make a Difference

From the very beginning, volunteers have worked alongside the medical staff and citizens of Santiago Atitlán.

Medical volunteers are integral members of our healthcare team, enhancing our medical care delivery with energy, enthusiasm and added skills. Our staff and international volunteers greatly benefit from their professional and cultural interaction.

The Hospitalito also welcomes nonmedical volunteers. Over the years, individuals and groups have provided the Hospitalito with a wide range of support – construction, operational, administration, development and more.

Experience Natural Beauty, Continual Springtime Weather & Maya Culture

Guatemala is the home of Maya civilization: For six centuries, the Maya built vast cities, immense temples and looming pyramids, recording their history in hieroglyphs on stone monuments on pottery, and in bark books. The history of this great society lives in the Guatemalan rainforests, a UNESCO World Cultural Site. Its culture lives in its descendants, who make up a majority of Guatemala’s citizens.

Physical Beauty & Biodiversity: Guatemala hosts incredible physical beauty and one of the largest biological diversities in the world. It includes 18 ecosystems, over 300 microclimates, and more than 37 volcanoes, several of which are still active. Some 15 percent of the nation is part of the biosphere with large areas that are legally protected. Guatemala is a UNESCO World Natural Reserve.

Santiago Atitlán offers a microcosm of Guatemala’s natural and cultural legacy: The town is located on beautiful Lake Atitlán, nestled between three volcanoes. The scenery is breathtaking, and 98% indigenous cities Maya culture is evident in language, clothing, cuisine and customs.

Jornadas: The Hospitalito encourages surgical teams to come to the Hospitalito for a “jornada” to provide much needed specialty care. Past jornadas have included ophthalmology, urology, dentistry and general surgery.