For 15 years, Hospitalito Atitlán has worked to provide healthcare access, prevention and education to more than 75,000 Maya residents in the highlands of Guatemala.

But, COVID19 has threated our legacy of achievement:

During the pandemic, the Hospitalito is struggling to staff our operations full-time.

In the coming months, demands will increase, including a:

  • Surge in pregnancies and births, a consequence of four months of lockdown.
  • Depleted reserve of medications.

Your contribution will help ensure our ability to heal the children and families we serve.

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Did you know that monthly giving is an easy way to help ensure that Hospitalito Atitlán is adequately staffed, our pharmacy is supplied and we can focus on our mission to provide access to medical care to Guatemala’s most vulnerable families? Before you process your donation, please consider becoming a health partner.
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All donations are tax deductible through our U.S. nonprofit partner, Amigos Hospitalito Atitlán  (AHA has no paid staff or overhead expenses.)
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Make checks out to Amigos Hospitalito Atitlan and mail to:
Amigos Hospitalito Atitlán
2220 Shallow Well Rd
Manakin, VA 23103

Hospitalito Atitlán: Providing access to medical care to more than 75,000 Maya residents and health education to 200,000 community members in the Guatemalan highlands.