Expanding the Vision: Development and Change in Medical Care in Guatemala

On August 1, 2022, Expanding the Vision began construction to enhance the Hospitalito’s capabilities through the creation of a blood bank, four consultation/procedure rooms, and classrooms for a new nursing school. We are excited to share this January 2024 photo of the completed construcción.

The Expanding the Vision Campaign builds upon Hospitalito Atitlán’s more than 18 years of history reshaping healthcare for 100,000 Maya in the highlands of Guatemala. The 2,443 square foot, two-story annex will provide urgently needed space to complete laboratory services with a blood bank, add four new consultation rooms, and create classrooms for the new nursing school.

Hospitalito has come a long way. Yet there is so much more we can and should do to better serve the Maya people. We thank our partners who have helped us continue to grow and deliver the precious gift of life to a vulnerable population.

Maya School of Auxiliary Nursing

Few opportunities exist for study in Santiago Atitlán. This accredited nursing school will meet government requirements, promote the decentralization of university, social, and medical centers, and help combat discrimination and poverty. The Hospitalito has already seen intense interest in the school’s proposed courses. 

The school located on the top floor of the new annex. In August, the Ministry of Health inspector completed a very positive report after her visit.

The first floor will include the blood bank, as well as four new consultation rooms.

HA’s capabilities and services have been slowed by the lack of a blood bank. The unavailability of blood hampers surgical services, limiting the types of operations performed. Currently, we are working to acquire the equipment needs for the blood bank.

Groundbreaking – August 1st, 2022