Our Successes

Hospitalito Atitlán makes a difference in the healthcare of the Maya community in the Santiago Atitlán area by providing a full range of preventive and clinical care to local residents at a cost that takes into account their limited financial resources.

Hospitalito Atitlán…

Is reducing the area’s high maternal/infant mortality rate…A 22-year old pregnant woman from Cerro de Oro was getting prenatal care at the Hospitalito at a 75 percent discount on the cost of care. In December 2011, she was admitted in early labor. The baby was transverse, and she required a cesarean delivery. The baby boy weighed 6 lbs. 6 oz. Mother and baby are healthy and happy, and the their husband and father was able to pay a reduced rate for the cost of their care.

Is improving the health of local children…A three-year old boy was brought into the hospital with respiratory problems. He was hospitalized for three days with pneumonia and hyperactive bronchial spasms. After his successful treatment and release, his parents returned with their one-year-old son who was also suffering from pneumonia.

Provides affordable healthcare to those who need it…A couple’s two sons needed six days hospitalization, causing them to worry about how they would pay for their bill. The Hospitalito’s social worker worked with the parents to assess their ability to pay and gave them a discount on the hospital bill, so they could go home with their healthy boys without financial worry.