Surgical Teams

Surgical team jornadas provide short-term specialized care that would otherwise not be available to the community. Contact our Medical Volunteer Coordinator Lidia. Surgical teams must have a minimum of two Spanish-speaking members. If you have additional questions, contact the Medical Volunteer Coordinator.

The following paperwork must be submitted to the Medical Volunteer Coordinator two months prior to your arrival.

Surgical Teams – A letter addressed to Jacinto Garcia Chipir, Executive Director of Hospitalito Atitlán, requesting permission to volunteer, should contain the names of all team members that are physicians and nurses with medical licenses. Translators, PA & NP’s should not be included in the letter.

Physicians and nurses must include copies of:

  • Diploma
  • Specialty Diploma
  • License

Each copy of the documents you send will need to be notarized. For example, for a surgeon or specialist, you will need to send three notarized documents.

Each document must have a notary seal. For a nurse, who doesn’t have a specialty, you would have 2 notarized pages only, the diploma and license.

Additionally, the notary will need to include a letter stating that the attached documents have been notarized by (notary name), include the date and notary commission number. For help with fundraising for your upcoming jornada to Hospitalito Atitlán, please follow instructions on this document (pdf).